#189 Go to a Salt Room

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Go to a Salt Room

You may ask “what?” as you conjure images of a nice big Porterhouse steak hot off the grill with a shaker of pink Himalayan salt… but no – that’s not the intent, goal, or process behind a ‘salt room’.


Salt rooms offer Halotherapy which, is a process of sitting in a room filled with fine particles of salt. In doing so, you inhale micro particles (similar to breathing ocean air) and it settles on your skin as it does after an ocean swim. Salt is known to reduce inflammation both when inhaled and on your body. [Mosquito bites heal much faster after ocean swimming.]


During your stay at the Salt Room, you’ll be sitting comfortably in a chair or on a yoga mat and the session is often coupled with a guided meditation, shifting your relaxation into high gear. Taking this ‘quiet’ time for yourself is a fantastic addition to your self care regimen.


Halotherapy has indicated benefits for a number of respiratory and skin ailments; in-particular allergies and eczema.  It’s safe for people of all ages and there are no reported negative side effects. So far, there is only anecdotal evidence for the benefits of Salt therapy but the testimonies from people who have experienced their benefit is difficult to ignore.  

Popularity Increasing

Prior to a year ago, I’d never heard of halotherapy and I’m now aware of two rooms within reasonable driving distance of my home. There’s a high probability of one near you. At the very least, a number of spas have introduced some form of salt therapy in their offerings. The combined benefit of meditation would direct me toward a full functioning location and so I encourage you to take a step out – try something new – and …

Go to a Salt Room.

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