#188 Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

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Ride in a hot air balloon

Is this one of those things on your “before I die list”? Have you done it? Maybe the question is ‘why’? Why would someone leave earth in an open air contraption without any intent of going from point A to point B? Shortly after the USA was born as a country, the first hot air balloon was launched in Europe. By the end of the 18th century, balloonists were crossing the English Channel and traveling for thrills sake. It took almost 200 more years for ballooning to make significant impacts in terms of height and distance. Even though they’ve been recorded at speeds close to 250 mph., they do not allow for convenient transportation. So why bother?

The Thrill

Ballooning is a fantastic hobby for thousands of people and a career for few. It’s considered a sport and there is an industry built around its competitions. Yet the real business lies in offering a thrill to those of us who rarely leave the ground outside of a commercial airliner. As you lift off the ground, there is little sound outside of the flame providing the ‘hot air’ that is generating the lift. I’m told it is a smooth rise – void of the turbulence we experience in an airplane. (No, I haven’t actually taken off in one – yet.) The scenery – often just after sunrise or later in the day at dusk – is accentuated by the sun and allowing you a birds eye (or drone) view of the countryside.


If you are like me – there’s a certain fear of flying involved when you stand in an open basket many hundreds of feet above ground level. After researching for this post, I’m more convinced of the safety elements inherent to ballooning. The pilot of a hot air balloon is trained along with the pilot of your jetliner… their aircraft is just a bit different. Indeed, it is reported to be even more safe than flying in an actual airplane.


This suggestion relates to making your life more enjoyable, thereby increasing a sense of overall well-being. In fact, when we face fears, add variety, and accept some level of risk in our lives – we ARE happier. Perhaps this activity will help you step outside your comfort zone, allow you to cross something off your bucket list, help you surprise someone, or spend quality time with a loved one… again, all elements associated with an increase in overall happiness.

If you are looking for an activity for a ‘special occasion’ or something to add to your Christmas list why not …

Ride in a hot air balloon.

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Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

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