#183 Wallpaper a Room

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Wallpaper a room

They say if you live long enough, everything comes back around. I’ve been around long enough to see several trends reappear; shoulder pads, high-waisted pants, and wallpaper! Yup, wallpaper is back in style! Some of you more seasoned readers are tempted to stop reading I know, especially if you’ve ever tried to remove wallpaper from plaster walls that were never sized. It was nearly impossible and I’ve known some who thought it was far easier to put up new drywall than try and get that wallpaper off.

Wallpaper Today

However – the wallpaper today is new and improved! Or perhaps the products that we prep the wall and then ultimately remove paper with are tremendously better than their aged parents. Some ‘wallpaper’ today is similar to contact paper and is removable as such – perfect for those in rentals units who want some style to their temporary digs.

Fashionable Decor

If you’re an HGTV fan, you’ve seen many of the designers this year use wallpaper as decor for ‘statement’ walls in dining, family, and bed rooms. Often, it is bold and reminiscent of mid-century modern design. Wallpaper is a great way to add personality to a home. In addition, it can cover up flawed walls and can even cover paneling with the right base treatment.


It’s not hard to do once you’ve had a little practice. TIP – start on a large wall with no windows or doors. It takes a little practice cutting out windows, doors, outlets, and going around corners (especially if your have a vertical pattern you need to keep straight). If you are great at wrapping presents or if you have a background in origami, you’ll probably be really good at it. Otherwise, it may be better to hire a pro – especially if the wallpaper is an expensive one. It can be on the temperamental side.


You can order wallpaper online but I like to sit and look through wallpaper books (available at most paint stores such as Sherwin Williams). You can also check out those books and take them home to have a real world example for decision making. Most companies will also let you order a ‘sample’ so you can tape it on your wall like a paint sample to see if you want to live with it longer. Another TIP: If you’re buying random rolls of wallpaper you find on sale somewhere – make sure they are from the same color LOT (on label)… I’ve hung a whole room only to find out that one roll is different and the background color didn’t match at all!

Go ahead, try bringing your home into the era of modern decor and …

Wallpaper a room.

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