#175 Convert your Light Bulbs to LED

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Convert your light bulbs to LED

If you haven’t been introduced to LED lighting in recent years you probably haven’t left the house or turned on the television. We’ve been inundated with information about the energy savings available by using LED as well as products that utilize the technology for at least a decade now. Yet, I’ve noticed that incandescent lighting is still the preferred choice for many simply by noticing what’s available in the grocery/home store isles.

Cost Effective

The Department of Energy states that “Residential LED’s – especially ENERGY STAR rated products – use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.” They are more cost effective over time than any other method of producing light. This chart offers a nice comparison of the various options available to us. Even though a LED bulb costs more initially, you won’t be buying another light bulb for years!

Out with the Old

Overall, incandescent lighting is being phased out in most consumer products. This suggestion is meant to encourage you to begin phasing them out in your home. It’s true that it can be expensive to make a decision for an entire overhaul in one sweep. Instead, replace two bulbs each time you go to the grocery store!  Begin with the lamps/lights that you use most often; those kitchen lights, the bathroom and Den.

Smart Technology

You might also consider using ‘smart’ bulbs. This is new technology that integrates with smart home systems like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. They dim on demand, change color as bedtime approaches to increase melatonin production, and can even notify you if a message is pending. Of course, it’s controlled via a smartphone app which, means it is at your fingertips whether you are at home or not. These bulbs are reported to last 20 years or more! (I imagine the technology will change before the light bulb wears out.)

For now at least, you can immediately start saving money and energy with the simple task of …

Converting your light bulbs to LED.

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One thought on “#175 Convert your Light Bulbs to LED

  1. I’ve tried LED bulbs. In places where I need bright lights for reading, et al, they’re to dim. In places where I just need light to keep from tripping over furniture they’re OK. The only LED bulbs currently in my household are in the pantry. Alexa et al and Smart Phones. I don’t own a Smart Phone, still use a Flip Phone. From a guy who started with a hardwired phone in his car in 1980s, upgraded to a bag phone, then a brick and so on, I have no desire for a smart phone. All I want my phone to do is make phone and receive phone calls. I have multiple Alexas in the house. Reading lamp in family room and nightstand in bedroom were controlled by “her”. Then I had a cable issue and can’t seem to get Alexa to work with the lamps anymore.

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