#165 Get a Massage

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Get a Massage

One of the most wonderful self care practices you can participate in is the treat of a massage. There are few treats better than settling into a state of complete relaxation while someone gently moves their hands across your muscles in a way that continues to promote a deeper sense of comfort and calm. All this in a quiet room with soothing music and low light. If it’s a gentle massage, you’re likely to fall asleep.


There are different types of massage and it’s important to ask for the one you want with clarity because if you’re expecting a gentle rub down but end up with deep tissue kneading – you’re likely to be disappointed. A Swedish massage is where many people start – it’s wonderful for people sensitive to touch, desiring something relaxing, and soothing. The sensation of long strokes along the lines of your muscles is quite relaxing. It’s wonderful for working out small knots in the shoulders, neck, or back and can last as long as 90 minutes on average.


For a variation on the Swedish massage, try asking for Hot Stones! In addition to their hands, a masseuse will use heated stones in place of their hands to ease muscle tension, relieve pain, and improve the flow of blood toward the heart.

In addition to hot stones, your massage may include Aromatherapy which can add a healing boost to your experience. Depending the type of ‘aroma’, you may enjoy a mood boost, reduction of stress or anxiety, and/or pain relief just from the aroma in the room while you enjoy your massage. Some of the essential oils may also be used as oil that is rubbed into your skin – increasing the overall health benefit.

A deep tissue massage may be a better option if you have chronic muscle problems, pain, or anxiety. There is a stronger pressure with each stroke and with finger movements during a deep tissue massage. While it shouldn’t ‘hurt’ or leave you feeling sore – it’s not the kind of massage you want if you are specifically seeking relaxation and maybe a little nap.


There are a number of other options available for massage treatments so it’s important to have a good conversation with your therapist to decide which is better for you. Massage can be helpful with circulation, sore muscles, lymph drainage, and overall stress management. Asking for gift certificates or finding deals on sites like Groupon will help keep them affordable. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to practice a little self-care by taking time to …

Get a massage.

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