#161 Make bread from Scratch

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Make bread from scratch

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh making bread? One of my favorite childhood memories is coming home from school and entering a house filled with the aroma of bread in the oven. This is considered an “odor-cued memory” – a smell that, in an instant, propels us back to a fond childhood memory.

Pass it Down

For this reason – although not the only reason – the suggestion to make bread from scratch and fill your home with the aroma is meant to induce those pleasant memories and instil them in the brains of your own children or those around you. It’s a two-fer… you’re bond to recall wonderful memories AND eat some hot, fresh bread.

Simplify It

Bread doesn’t have to complicated. The invention of the bread machine simplified the process and eliminated the need to knead, rise, knead, rise… it’s automatically achieved inside the machine. No machine? No worries… there are great breads that don’t need all that attention. Indeed, some of the no-knead recipes resemble more organic and unprocessed (basically, because they are…) loaves that are more popular and tasty these days.

The Whole Meal

Of course with a hot loaf of crusty bread to look forward to, there begs a question as to what you’ll serve with it; a hot bowl of homemade soup? A big bowl of chili? A large pot of marinara covered pasta? Regardless of the choice, you’ll need a stick of ‘real’ butter (preferably salted – because everything is a little better with a tad of salt), and potentially some jam or honey for the desert portion of the meal. Freshly baked bed with a little dollop of sweet makes a great follow up if you have any belly space left!

Here’s a list of 40 Insanely Delicious Yeast Bread recipes for you to browse. After selecting one, gather the ingredients and treat yourself to the pleasure of …

Making bread from scratch.

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