#156 Donate Your Books

Your dusting efforts become a lot more efficient when your bookshelves are de-cluttered. You’ll feel better knowing that those volumes are engaged with more purpose.

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Donate Your Books

Do you have shelves of books that you’ve read? Or of ‘how-to manuals’ that are contain information easier to find on the internet now? Or old textbooks that may even be obsolete at this point? Will you be re-reading any of them? If not… perhaps it’s time to clean off your shelves.

There are a lot of places that you donate those books so that they don’t end up in a landfill – a thought that seems completely sacrilegious. Here’s a few ideas:

Donate them to the Salvation Army. There’s been a lot of publicity about the various donation organizations and this one takes the lead in terms of amount of donations that actually fund its programs. Your ‘trash’ will be someone else’s treasure.

Local libraries. Your local library may be interested in your cast offs but check with them first. Some are inundated and stop taking certain genres.

Hospitals & nursing homes. These institutions often have small lending libraries for patients and residents. Even older books may be appropriate for nursing homes as their residents often prefer to read popular fiction from their era.

Underfunded schools. If you’re close to a region that struggles to meet the needs of its population – in particular, students – they may be very interested in books that can be used for educational purposes. The Reader to Reader program will take your books from local donation points and distribute them where they are needed.

Book Art. You could try your hand at Book Art… a growing genre of artistic expression that is accomplished by folding the pages of a book in a certain way. You can make anywhere from $30 to $75 per creation by selling them on Etsy. Maybe a great way to pull in some spending money.

Your dusting efforts become a lot more efficient when your bookshelves are de-cluttered. You’ll feel better knowing that those volumes are engaged with more purpose; potentially helping someone or providing relaxation and/or entertainment for another individual or child.

Grab a box and pull out those paperbacks that you finished reading years ago and …

Donate your books.

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Author: ThisIsLeslyn

I am a mental health counselor, a very proud mom of four great people whom I love to pieces and a grateful partner to a perfectly imperfect man who challenged me to be a better me. And, while I haven't always liked the things that life has dished out to me, I am eternally blessed by all its lessons. Sit with me as I learn and share at ThisIsLeslyn.com

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