#155 Do a Good Deed

Make an effort to be more aware of your surroundings and I’m sure you’ll find more possibilities than you’ll have the energy to follow through with.

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Do a good deed

Are you a natural do-gooder? Are you the first to stop and lend a hand to someone in need? Do you run late or miss appointments because you donated that time to someone or something else?


Doing good deeds is good for our spirit. They can be cumbersome, quick, free, or pricey. They can impact one or many. It may be worthy to compare the differences between a volunteer activity, a random act of kindness, and a good deed… all of which may cross define. When I think of a ‘good deed’ it distinguishes itself from a RAK because I may not want to do it, but it’s the right thing to do. Same for a volunteer activity, which may certainly be a good deed but it’s more of a ‘one time occurance’ than a volunteer activity may be. So, using this criteria – a good deed is an isolated incident of doing the ‘good’ thing.


  • Perhaps a good deed is donating a dollar to the guy with a cardboard sign at the intersection, or handing him a fresh apple.
  • It may be taking a random grocery cart back into the store when you see it out in the corner of the parking lot.
  • Perhaps it is dropping something off to someone on your way to work even if it’s an extra five miles out of your way.

Yes, these are kindnesses, but based on the definition above, they are definitely good deeds.


Our daily life offers plenty of opportunities to do a ‘good deed’ even if it is picking up a piece of trash and moving it to a can when the person in front of you failed to discard it properly. We are more apt to notice the potential deeds when we are paying attention – being present – in our lives. Sadly, this is happening less and less as our faces are turned toward our smart phone more often than not.

Pay attention

Make an effort to be more aware of your surroundings and I’m sure you’ll find more possibilities than you’ll have the energy to follow through with. As you make time, notice how you feel… making sure to set appropriate boundaries when applicable. Overall, you’re sure to notice that you just feel better about life each time you recognize yourself…

Doing a good deed.

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Author: ThisIsLeslyn

I am a mental health counselor, a very proud mom of four great people whom I love to pieces and a grateful partner to a perfectly imperfect man who challenged me to be a better me. And, while I haven't always liked the things that life has dished out to me, I am eternally blessed by all its lessons. Sit with me as I learn and share at ThisIsLeslyn.com

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