#152 Make a Family Yearbook

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Make a Family Yearbook

Scrapbooking has been a popular pastime and in actuality, big business but there’s a new kid in town. It’s called a Memory Book. The rising popularity of the digital age has given space to an average person’s ability to create hard bound books from the collections of digital photographs that are now stored on our smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. My suggestion here is to begin the tradition of creating a family Yearbook – just like the one from high school but … about your family instead.

Shifting Concept

While not as personal or time consuming as the traditional method of noting memories, the Family Yearbook is made in the style of a Memory Book; similar to a scrapbook but digital. It can be as creative as you have the desire, time, and talent to make it so and without a trip to the craft store or hundreds (or thousands) of dollars of machines and materials. There are apps and programs that will allow you to do all of the creating and then there are apps and programs that will grab data from your social media accounts and create basic prototypes that you may edit.


Shutterfly, MixBook, and Snapfish are the big players here. In all three cases, you upload the photos you want to use, pick a layout, and create. They are relatively user friendly and offer competitive pricing but MixBook took top honors in a recent review of similar players.

Of course, there are local options too… in the review above, Walgreens & Walmart made the list. Here, you take a flash drive or photo card to the physical location and use a kiosk to make your book. The creativity may be less personalized and you are limited by their stock selections.

Certainly, another option is to hire a digital designer to make you a book. I think this is a great option for something like a 50th Wedding Anniversary, or a life celebration where you are collecting stories as well as a long history of photos. If it’s something that would be considered an ‘heirloom’ item – go ahead and spring for the big buck version if you can… you may be more satisfied with a more professional flair.

Family Treasure

Why a memory book? They provide the lure, the joy, and the interest of photo albums and scrapbooks with the durability of an encyclopedia volume. The memories may be captured in similar contexts but the variability, the time constraint, and the robustness of a Memory Book seem to offer a longer lasting solution. It becomes a living journal, a historical record, and a family treasure.

The holiday’s are fast approaching and so it’s a great time to think about all those experiences you had, the photos you took, and laughter you shared this year and how it would all be recorded as you…

Make a Family Yearbook

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