#142 Make That Appointment You’ve Been Putting Off

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Make that appointment you’ve been putting off

Almost everyone I talk to speaks to the fact that our lives are over scheduled these days. It’s become worse over the last several decades as we have to work longer and harder to meet our obligations or catch the American Dream. Consequently, those necessary appointments – the ones that hold our reality together – are often sliding to the bottom of our priority list.

Do you need to go to the DMV? Have you had your annual physical? Your 6 month dental cleaning? Have you procrastinated on your mammogram or colonoscopy? What about your fireplace or carpet cleaning? Sadly, most of us have to take a full day off – some of us, without pay – in order to accomplish these tasks.

Be Efficient

My recommendation is to make a list of all those ‘appointments’ that need scheduled and make as many of them in one day as possible. It’s the peak of efficiency to manage your day in this manner. This is practical time management solution.


Procrastination occurs for other reasons too… particularly with medical appointments. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to fast or to clean out our system. We’re fearful of what the test may find or we anticipate bad news or judgment from the doctor. Occasionally people will tell me they don’t want to change parts of their lives – knowing that a doctor will make that suggestion (i.e., weight, smoking, drinking, etc.)


Sometimes we don’t make an appointment because the things we need to do leading up to them feel cumbersome and/or overwhelming. Something as little as getting a money order for an application can stifle the completion of that task. If you don’t need an ‘appointment’ for the pre-task, get that completed either before or after work.


Getting those things completed that you have been putting off… especially when they are medical related may in fact, save your life. There’s always a sense of accomplishment when we get things done that we’ve been putting off. The appointments you keep for home repair and maintenance are for your welfare and safety. Don’t waste another minute… make that list and then…

Make that appointment you’ve been putting off.

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