#136 Eat Dessert First

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Eat dessert first

This suggestion is the reason that my mother’s mother was by far – the best grandparent in the universe. Most of the days that I was there for dinner – days that were not family events – I was encouraged to have dessert before dinner was placed on the table. She used to preface it that we had to eat what we could before ‘Granddad’ got a hold of any available sweets. It was also her strategy to defy my parents in a small way – maybe giving them a taste of their own adolescent medicine.

Occasional treats are necessary for our sense of well-being – to prevent a sense of deprivation. If dessert fits that bill – why not? There’s a sense of defiance associated with the idea of reversing the order of what is considered the norm. If this is the depth of one’s rebellion, it’s more than manageable. It’s also just downright fun. It’s a harmless deviation from typically acceptable behavior and yet it is completely innocent. It’s a great treat for kids especially.

It’s a simple thought but stimulating nonetheless. Go ahead and treat yourself tonight…

Eat dessert first.

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