#135 Create Some Doodle Art

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Create some doodle art

Who hasn’t doodled? For some of us, it’s a passing time activity that barely has any conscious value. Yet, psychologists say that what we doodle actually says something about us. It’s akin to daydreaming in symbols and sometimes it can be downright artistic. Interestingly, doodling can stimulate your brain just enough that it actually pays attention to what’s happening environmentally instead of going rogue and into hyperspace.


What do you draw when you doodle? Do you draw faces? If you draw an attractive face it symbolizes that you are in a positive state of mind. Ugly faces mean the opposite or perhaps that you may be feeling distrusting of something. People who draw profiles are more apt to be introverted and those who draw wide circular faces tend to be innocent and needy.


Flowers are the most popular doodle and imply a gentle or even passive frame of mind. Flowers made of circles and soft lines signify a happy doodler. If there are thorns or sharp petals surrounding a round center, there is a possibility that the doodler is feeling defensive.


Stairs and ladders suggest that your inner self is focused on a goal. Psychologists infer that the style of this doodle indicates the level of significance or struggle you are experiencing in reference to this goal.

Tell Tale

Your doodles describe your inner most thoughts, fears, and considerations. They suggest how organized or disorganized you are; how motivated or uninspired you may be; whether or not you take a passive or aggressive stance; if you are generally selfish or benevolent; whether you feel trapped and isolated or free and loved.

Exact Science?

Very similar to dreams, this is not an exact science and the goal isn’t to be self-conscious while you’re drawing… just let your mind do the work. Keep a pad of drawing paper near your work desk and allow yourself to doodle at random times without too much forethought. Once the paper is full, consider adding some color.


As you’re doodling, consider using different color pens or pencils for the color element. Maybe the easiest doodle style art is simply a random long squiggly line that intersects repeatedly and then colored in a stained glass fashion. This is a great activity to do with kids because there is no right or wrong way to do it and somehow our inner mind leads the way.

Need a break? A way to mentally vent? An inside view to your deeper psyche?

Create some doodle art.

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