#109 Try a New Perfume or Aftershave

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Try a new perfume or aftershave

Have you been a creature of olfactory habit? Have you ‘smelled’ the same year after year because you’re fearful of finding another scent that works? Many of us have fond memories that relate to scents. I can’t smell Old Spice without thinking of my father and my mother, Estee Lauder. They wore those scents so long that they were synonymous with their roles.

Chemical Changes

It’s interesting to note that over time, our bodies chemical composition can change just enough so that the way it interacts with the chemicals in the cologne, it may smell different on us. Likewise, manufactures can tweek even one element of the scent structure and it interacts with us differently – changing the way it smells. It’s always good to have a fall back or another ‘go to’ scent.

Picking the Right Scent

While there are those that will never change – it’s not necessarily true that one scent fits all occasions. A light fruity scent may not be the most appropriate one for a winter holiday party. Likewise, a sexy soft scent probably isn’t a great choice for an important board meeting. Men also need to consider how strong their aftershave or deodorant is as compared to their environment. And ladies – when you spray, try to remember a little on the wrist goes a long way.

This suggestion is for those of you who know how to take a risk, who want to try something different, and who aren’t afraid of change. Of course, starting with samples is probably the best approach until you find something you enjoy. There’s no reason to accumulate a dozen bottles of scent that you won’t be wearing.

The next time you walk through the cosmetics department or find a magazine filled with samples – grab them so that you are ready to …

Try a new perfume or aftershave.

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