#73 Hire a Physical Trainer

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Hire a Physical Trainer

Are you a faithful gym goer? Are you completely sure your workout is the one that best fits your body and goals? For a trainer to work with you and establish a set of exercises that will help you reach your goals and efficiently develop your muscles, you will spend anywhere between $40 and $90 an hour. Considering that a trip to the emergency room can run in the thousands, a trainer makes more sense.


Perhaps one of the most beneficial elements of paying for a personal trainer is that he or she hold us accountable for reaching the goals we establish. On those sets where we can’t seem to bring ourselves to finish – the trainer is there to encourage us and help see us to the finish line.


When we get used to a routine, it’s good for awhile but then it can become boring and when something is boring – we’re less likely to pursue it over time. Additionally, a trainer is versed in a number of different workouts that work the same goal and can help us change thing sup so that our goals are achieved without the workout becoming mundane.

Stubborn Fat

Trainers are experts in knowing how to get those spots on our body that remain resistant to self motivated reduction. Whether it’s belly fat, arms, or the small back rolls that pop up with a few extra pounds – a trainer may have a trick or two that can address those problem areas.

Self Care

Hiring a trainer is an ultimate form of self care. Its demonstrating that you are important enough to invest in yourself. It’s not only the professional advice, but the dedication to pursue a workout that helps you to reach your physical health goals.

No matter your age, indeed – at every age – an expert directing your workout can provide benefit beyond what has been mentioned. Give yourself a boost to any New Year’s resolutions you may make about getting to the gym and commit to …

Hiring a personal trainer.

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