#67 Change the Pillows on Your Sofa

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Change the Pillows on Your Sofa

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to freshen up the look of a room is to change out the pillows on your sofa. After a few years, they get lumpy or flatten and no longer offer the comfort for which they were intended. Even if the pillows are in good shaped, the room may benefit from a change of scenery and pillow covers can easily handle that objective.


A standard couch pillow is 18 inches square and are frequently available as large as 24 inches. The larger and more ‘comfy’ the sofa, the larger the pillow can be and still have style. Go with a variety of sizes for the best look and make sure it’s an odd number of pillows overall.


If you want a pillow designed for lounging comfort, a feather pillow will fit the bill best. Other fillers may hold shape better but they are much more stiff and not necessarily the best choice for a sofa that is used for snuggling and relaxing.

Color & Texture

For the ultimate design experience, consider using pillows that offer variety in texture, color, and pattern. Of course, you’ll want to use colors that contrast your sofa color. If your sofa is a solid color, you can use a combination of complementary patterns and colors. If your sofa has a pattern, choose colors from the pattern for pillows of different shapes. It’s a great time to consider texture; chenilles, leather, and fringes offer a variety of textures to add contrast and interest to your design. Make sure that each of the seating options in the room has a complimentary pillow option. Chairs are great options for oblong shaped pillows that can act as lumbar support. Adorning chairs with pillows also allows for a more complete and pleasing addition for the entire room.

Pillows are another one of those things that can be purchased during January’s white sales and great options can be found at discount retailers such as TJMaxx or Marshalls in addition to online sites such as Overstock.com. A new look will be a great way for you to begin the new year and may offer a sense of newness or freshness for you.  If you are able to catch a sale, it shouldn’t take much more than $100 to …

Change the pillows on your sofa.

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