#53 Eat Dessert First

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Eat Dessert First

I happen to be writing this from the balcony of a cruise ship where dessert is available almost 24 hours a day. I’ve noticed that by the time I am offered desert each night, I am far too full to add anything else to my digestion system and I am reminded that my grandmother would often treat us to the pleasure of eating dessert first.

I think the concept of eating dessert first is centered on knowing how to treat yourself. My grandmother understood the concept of self-care and while I’m not sure everyone in her world saw it as such, she didn’t hesitate to meet her own needs. She was a strong woman who understood what was good for her and what wasn’t.

For her, eating dessert first wasn’t about indulging in sugary treats versus nutrition, or giving in to fanciful whims of confectionery concoction on a regular basis…

It was predominantly a consideration of understanding balance; that sometimes, as a treat, you could set aside the rules and do what you want instead of what you ‘should’ (with consideration, of course).

I used this strategy once in awhile with my children and offered them an “upside down dinner” – starting with dessert, moving to an entree, and then offering a salad to end the meal but of course, no one ever opted in for the salad selection!

Today, as I move through the buffet line at lunch, I am going directly to the dessert section and select the yummiest option as my first course justifying it as the pursuit of self care! I strongly recommend – for the sake of life balance…

Eat dessert first.

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2 thoughts on “#53 Eat Dessert First

  1. I love love love cruises and at dinner I carefully choose what I’ll get SO THAT I have room for dessert! I will often skip the appetizer or get a lighter entree because for me, dessert is the best part! My husband is the opposite, he will enjoy whatever he likes for dinner and skip dessert if he’s too full. Priorities!

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