#36 Learn How to Shoot a Gun

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Learn How to Shoot a Gun

This is an emotional topic for some and yet it’s a skill set that – at the very least – might save your life at some point. Perhaps you are already be adept in this area and the following will validate your position. In either case, there is a certain amount of security that results when you know how to properly [safely] handle a gun.


Because a gun is a tool that has the capacity to kill, it is imperative that anyone handling one learn safety and responsibility. Just like the automobiles that we drive – it is a piece of machinery that deserves respect. Likewise, developing skill requires training, practice, and patience. When addressed properly, a gun is simply another tool or piece of sporting equipment.


Knowing how to shoot a gun can generate self-confidence. There’s a certain amount of accomplishment and pride when the target you were aiming at is gets obliterated. Whether it’s a clay that you hit in midair, a can on top of a bail, or a bullseye on a clip at 50 feet – knowing that your hand was steady and your eyesight keen offers a sense of satisfaction.


Target practice is a fun thing to do on a date night or with friends, especially if you’re a little competitive. Think of it as an extreme dart game. Clay shooting is another target activity that gets you outdoors in the fresh air. Because alcohol cannot be part of these experiences (liquor and guns are never a good combination), it’s an opportunity to gather and enjoy the experience of each other’s company without all the silliness and obnoxious behavior that alcohol tends to conjure.

Brain Power

Shooting a gun with intent and purpose is an empowering experience. Not only does it foster self-confidence but also attention, focus, and reactivity. All of those elements contribute overall to the sense of empowerment that supports individual esteem. It exercises brain and body muscles – all potentially leading to better physical and emotional health.

Just In Case

I’m not taking a side on gun ownership or gun laws in any capacity, only suggesting that knowing how to safely handle a gun – at the very least – may save your life if you happen to stumble across a loaded one. God forbid we ever ‘have’ to shoot one for self preservation but if we do, the first step is to…

Learn to shoot a gun.

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