Announcement: New Podcast!

I’ve got a new project!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with a really dynamic lady – the founder and powerhouse behind Limelife Planners, Inc. to host a Podcast designed to be a series of conversations to help make life better!

After almost a full year of writing about it, what would be more natural than talking about it on a platform that can easily reach a broad audience?! We have posted two episodes and a bonus conversation to introduce ourselves and I’d love it if you would give us a listen. Of course, if you like what we have to say, we hope you’ll subscribe, share, and rate us so that more and more people will tune in.

I’m loving the process of bringing many of the idea’s I’ve written about to life inside a curious conversation. Each week our discussion will zero in on one idea, technique, or activity that has the potential to make life better.  We’ll be talking about those universal challenges that make up daily living and offering tips to manage them. Our aim is to give you something you can take home and try out for yourself! In many cases, we’re also including free downloads or e-books that we’ve accumulated over time so that you can benefit from the tools we also use.

You can subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, Google Play, or Feedburner, and of course, you can reach out to us or listen at the website Try This At Home Podcast.

Thanks!!! as always for the kindness and support that you’ve shared as I move through this journey called life. <3

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