#17 Host a Clothing Swap

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Host a Clothing Swap

Were you ever dismayed to find out that your friends sweater – the one you loved – got sent to Goodwill? Are you in the habit of dipping into your roommate’s closet more often than your own? Are you on a budget but really tired of your wardrobe? The solution may be as easy as hosting a clothing swap.

This is an activity that mom’s often engage in when they have friends with children just under or over the ages of their friends. Kids, especially babies, frequently outgrow their clothes before they can wear them out and so it’s financially prudent to swap clothe as you go along. Since we so easily think of this for our kids, it’s equally sensible to do it for ourselves.

It’s easy.

Clean out your closet just as you would if you were going to donate clothing to charity. Invite a few friends over after directing them to do the same, open a bottle of wine, and take turns choosing something from one another’s discards. Don’t limit the items to clothing. Jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories will also be “new to you”. These items are especially considerations for those friends who may not be the same size. Whatever is left can then be donated.

This particular suggestion hits the mark on all levels by promoting recycling, inspiring financial sensibility, upgrading your wardrobe and boosting the happiness that ensues from all of that.

If you’re looking to refresh your closet, why not invite a few friends and have a fun night by…

Hosting a clothing swap.

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