#13 Lean In to Fear

#13 Lean In to Fear

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Lean In to Fear

Maybe one of the hardest things in life is to face those things that we are afraid of. In October, I wrote a post about vulnerability but didn’t directly speak to the idea of facing fear in general. Being vulnerable is the first step in facing a fear and absolutely necessary in conquering them but there is more.

Understand Fear

Perhaps it’s important to begin by understanding fear. It’s the thing that our brain uses to move our body in such a way as to improve it’s chance for survival. No matter if it is physical or emotional… fear let’s us know that danger is pending. Sometimes though, the problem is that our fear is based on a perceived danger, a false danger, or an imagined danger. That’s right… the danger doesn’t have to ‘actually’ exist for us to literally feel fear. We just have to believe it exists.

Hard Wired

Because our very existence depends on surviving and surviving means that we must avoid great danger, we are hardwired to constantly be on the lookout for things that are wrong. (It’s one of the reasons we may not notice the ‘good things’ in life.) It’s literally in our best interest to be fearful of those things that we don’t know or that aren’t certain.

Having said that… fear can be very limiting and deny us opportunities to enjoy what life has to offer. A fear of airplanes may prevent you from visiting places you want to go. A fear of heights may prevent you from seeing amazing views. A fear of animals may prevent you from walking along magnificent forested trails.

Lean In

What does it meant to ‘lean in’ to fear? It means moving toward it instead of backing away. It means allowing the discomfort to encompass you instead of resisting it. Leaning in means taking a risk with that thing that you fear. Feeling uncomfortable and accepting risk takes courage so the idea of leaning in means to act courageously.

Identify Fears

We can often learn about our fears when we look to our emotions. Anger, anxiety, frustration, hate, bitterness, and resentment are the consequences of fear much of the time. We may be afraid of failing, of letting someone down, of not being accepted or loved. Perhaps we are afraid of disconnecting, of leaving, or of staying. When we zero in on our fear we will know exactly what to ‘lean in’ to.

A best life is when you are living the most authentically – that takes courage. It also may require you to…

Lean In to Fear.

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