#9 Go on a Retreat

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Go on a Retreat

How many times have you wished you could get away from it all? Have you fantasized about sitting in silence or dedicating time and attention to your spiritual, physical, or emotional health? A retreat may be just the thing for you.


A retreat is an opportunity to temporarily abandon the typical distractions that become a part of our day to day life. It’s an opportunity to deeply relax and allow enough time for an inner change to take place and be sustained. Generally, a retreat differs from a typical vacation in that it focuses on a developmental purpose. The examples include Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Spiritual, Mindfulness, Food, and Fitness; there are dozens of options.


Imagine a week of de-stressing in a relaxing atmosphere where your only concern is may be literally feeding your body, mind, or soul. A retreat can be effective even if it is for a weekend. The concept is getting away long enough to fix your focus on something healing.


From websites like Retreat Guru to Google searches such as “retreat centers in [your region]”, there are literally thousands of choices around the globe that offer get-a-ways to recharge you. Depending on your budget, you can go local or halfway around the world.


A retreat is a kind of self-care on the next level. It takes you beyond a good night’s rest or an evening with friends and dedicates an entire period to individual care – much of what you do on your own (meditation, yoga, spiritual) but with the time and space to accomplish what didn’t happen at home.

When life is too much or preferably before it is overwhelming, do yourself a favor and …

Go on a retreat.


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