In my effort to experience vulnerability in a complete and total sense, I feel it is necessary to establish some boundaries. I am worthy of, and expect, respect.

I suspect that some of the things that I say here may incite feelings or trigger emotions in people who read my words. I respect that. I am in complete agreement with the concept that we are each entitled to our individual opinions and perspective. If you would like to share your thoughts and feelings I am open to hearing them AS LONG AS THEY ARE  RESPECTFUL. I am happy to receive criticism as long as it is constructive.

In my heart I am a fixer. It drives me as a mother, a partner, and a counselor but it also is guided by strong boundaries. I have learned that they keep me from exhausting my personal and emotional resources. I am setting boundaries for this experience as well.

Any comments that I experience as derogatory judgement or mean spirited will be deleted. I am unwilling to invite that energy into my environment.

I encourage comments, experiences, sharing, and global questions. I encourage respectful and supportive dialogue. I am hopeful that this becomes a ‘safe’ place – not only for me but for any or all of those who need it to be.