#227 Give Something you Cherish to Someone you Cherish

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Give something you cherish to someone you cherish

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I’ve recently made the suggestion to share a book you love with someone so that they can experience the pleasure you had when you read the book. The following suggestion is an even more intimate offering of your heart… to share something you covet or adore with a special someone in your life. In this case, it would be a material thing… something meaningful.

Before you Die

Many of us think about this suggestion only in respect to ‘after we’re gone’. We may put codicils in our will bequeathing important treasures to people we love so that they ‘have something of us’ after we die. What fun is there in that?? We don’t get to see their reaction and experience the joy of giving first hand if we wait until the end of our life.  There are probably dozens of items in your home that you care deeply about but that would also be meaningful to someone you love.

Sentimental Items

Try thinking of ONE thing to pass along to a special person in your life that would have meaning for both of you. Grandma’s pearls? A platter you’ve used for every holiday? A framed photograph of someone dear who has passed away? A ring you no longer wear? It can be anything that has sentimental value that you wish to share with a loved one.


The presentation of this item is part of the recommendation. Don’t make it a special occasion gift, i.e., birthday, graduation, etc… make it a ‘just because’ gift. It would be great if it was a private exchange… meant for and shared by just the two of you. The goal is to really ‘experience’ the pleasure of giving with the person you are giving to – not to make it a group or public demonstration. Take some time to consider the gift, the sentiment, and the recipient and then…

Give something you cherish to someone you cherish.

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Send thank you cards

When you receive a gift please consider bringing back the lost art of sending a ‘real’ card – not a message on Facebook or an e-card. A paper card inside an envelope with a stamp, mailed, and delivered by the good ‘ole United States Postal Service with a note of thanks for the gesture you were given.

Pouis Prang, an immigrant from Poland and known as the father of the American Christmas Card – it also credited with what we now think of when we think about ‘thank you cards’ although the practice of sending notes of appreciation to friends and family date back to the Egyptian era.

Social etiquette used to dictate the distribution of appreciative notes so much that the proper way to do so was specifically taught in ‘finishing schools’ worldwide. Emily Post – the mother of modern manners – was insistent its demonstration of good taste. So much so that her family has dedicated an entire chapter in the book Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th Edition: Manners for Today to how cards should be inscribed, addressed, and sent.

Yes, there is a time and place for all that formality and yet I think the moms, aunts, and grandmoms in the world would be happy with something scribbled on the back of a napkin or paper plate… it’s the gesture of expressing appreciation that is most meaningful; especially in this digital age where most of us communicate via email and/or text messaging so frequently.

All said, as we approach graduation and wedding season where gift giving is common… take the traditional approach and hand write a few sentences of gratitude for someone’s presence and/or their presents! A few minutes of your time will honor the gift you received and more so – the giver when you…


Send thank you cards.

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below.