#132 Make Something For Someone

Sharing 365 life lessons, tips, or hacks; the things that make life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


Make something for someone

There are few things better than being the recipient of a gift made with you in mind. The holiday’s are fast approaching and this suggestion is designed to encourage you to consider one or a few homemade gifts this year.

Personally inspired, homemade gifts have always been big in one arm of my family. The time, consideration, and attention to a gift that was created from a loving perspective has always been highly appreciated.

Of course, many of these items are derived from crafty hands but they don’t have to be. A homemade gift can be cookies, or a soup mix. It can be bath salts, vinegar, or infused oils – none of which take much talent outside of a Google search and assembling a few ingredients. Indeed – those particular suggestions are quite simple.

Make Your Own Vinegar

Infused Oils

Dry Soup Mixes

It can be more involved though, depending on your talents. Do you draw? Paint? Crochet? Sew? Build? Of course, artwork is always nice for young people just setting up house. A commissioned drawing or painting is great if there is a beloved pet, home, or photo that is meaningful to someone. Everyone needs an afghan for the couch or a cuddle blanket. It only takes a bit of time and talent to build a blanket ladder, a gift that most of us would love.

If your talent is more service oriented, then make an I.O.U.  Create a card, a certificate, or a coupon that offers your time to someone. The gift of babysitting, cleaning, yard work, cooking, home decorating, etc… the list is endless. Anywhere that an extra pair of hands is needed would be a welcome ‘gift’ to most all of us.

The holiday’s doesn’t have to be stressful on the budget – not to mention, birthday’s, thank you’s, or other special occasions when we have the ability to…

Make something for someone.

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#153 Decorate for the Season/Holiday

Sharing 365 life lessons, tips, or hacks; the things that make life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


Decorate for the Season / Holiday

This suggestion is inspired by all of you who do this year after year because I believe it’s something that those of us who don’t… may benefit from. Just walking into any big box store confirms that the seasonal decoration business is booming. No matter the season, Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer  – there are distinct elements and/or holidays that prompt us to embellish our homes with seasonal decor.


In the Fall, we are presented with beautiful foliage informed items that bring much of the outside color – in. Without changing the color of our walls or the art we hang there, Autumn color adorns table decorations, window clings, candles and their containers, and porch ornaments as we embellish our mantles, tables, porches, and flowerbeds.


In addition, Halloween decorating has become extremely popular which is emphasized by the plethora of ‘scary’ items intended to bring the ‘haunted’ element to neighborhood homes for the entertainment value it offers the end-of-month trick or treaters. Almost immediately, we move into the season of ‘Giving Thanks’ and very quickly, to Winter.


Without almost any time passing, we move from Fall to Christmas – a holiday that brings out the decorations in a way no other time does. From our front lawns and rooftops to the family room and bath – decorating for Christmas is common across the board. I won’t spend much time in this area of the discussion as most of us don’t need additional encouragement.


After Christmas, Valentine’s Day gives us a wintry reason to brighten up a dull and sometimes white, landscape, inside & out. This can be a fun and cheerful way to lighten the mood when the winter ‘blues’ have taken over.


Who isn’t ready for beauty and fun by the time Spring arrives? Generally, Easter gives us a reason to get our creative spirit moving in the decorating department. Here again, marketing gurus have enticed us with a growing body of outdoor options, including giant blow up bunnies that wave to passersby.


If it isn’t eggs and rabbits, it can be tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths or religious artifacts celebrating Christian beliefs.


And then there is summer, highlighted with patriotic holidays that entice the red, white, and blue color schemes. This is the time of year that truly encourages outdoor decor as that is where we spend our time. From banners across our decks, decorative pillows/cushions on the patio chairs, or string lights that help to create a festive vibe… summer is the perfect time to bring our decorating energy into whatever outdoor space we inhabit.

No matter the season or budget, a little construction paper or fine arts can bring color and fun into your environment, helping to lift your spirit and entice a celebratory energy each time you walk into your home. Whether you live alone or in a house full of peeps, revitalize the heart by…

Decorating for the season.

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below