#151 Send Postcards

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Send Postcards

Remember when people would go on vacation and send us a postcard with the sentiment “wish you were here?” You’d get a little envious or jealous or just happy that someone you care about was in a place that looked amazing.

Today, with social media, the need for postcards is practically obsolete yet, they still adorn racks near the cashier of retail establishments in those places that are considered tourist attractions and exist mostly for the benefit of collections.

I’ve written about sending snail mail before and the cheer that it brings to most of us when we actually receive something significant in the mailbox. A postcard from a place you’ve been, a place that is meaningful to you, or a place that you may want to share with someone would be a great treat as well.

Postcards can be used as thinking of you cards’, ‘get well cards’, or even to send birthday wishes. In this age of image bombardment – the picture focus of Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, the photo element of a postcard seems apropos.

No matter where you are, there’s likely to be a place that offers at least a small collection of postcards to choose from. Even in non-descript places off a major interstate may offer some depicting the best features of the state you’re travelling through.

You can save a little money too! Sending a postcard only costs $.35 today compared the the $.50 of a regular stamped card/envelope. The savings of $.15 adds up over time and those little cost savings is how the rich get richer!

The next time you’re at the shore, the lake, in the mountains, or on vacation… maybe even the next time you stop in a Cracker Barrel restaurant… pick up a few postcards and surprise your friends and family with a little mailbox treat! I’ve written extensively in this series about the benefits of doing nice things, surprising someone, and the effect of receiving good will. In each case, there is a shot of dopamine for both you and the receiver… increasing your happiness level just a tad with the quick and easy effort of…

Sending a postcard.

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Spontaneous letter

Remember when we used to get ‘real’ mail? Think of how you feel when you get a card in the mail these days… it’s so nice to pick something up from the mailbox that is sent from an actual human being and isn’t asking for money, right?

Why not offer that feeling to someone you are thinking of and write a little note – or a long letter – and send it via snail mail? Really… even a short note that is handwritten for no reason other than to say “hello, I am thinking about you”. Imagine how that gesture would brighten someone’s day.

In particular, an older relative or friend who isn’t as proficient with electronic communication. While I believe we all miss that personal touch a bit, it is the older generation who is most affected by our reduction of using paper mail. They know what they are missing! And… they haven’t mastered the substituted forms of communication that connect the rest of us to the world.

It doesn’t even have to be fancy to be impactful. Just grab a piece of paper… share a few kind thoughts… fold and slip into an envelope… address & stamp… and let the postal services do the rest of the work. For the price of a $.50 stamp (in the US at least), you’re sure to brighten someone’s day because for no particular reason you wrote a …

Spontaneous letter.

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