#210 Sit by a Waterfall

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Sit by a waterfall

Much of the USA is draped in sweltering heat this time of year and other than air conditioning, only a few options for relief exist. One of them is any location in close proximity to a waterfall. Often, there are shade trees to soften the intensity of the sun and as the water moves over rock and falls, it stirs the air and simultaneously cools.

Moving Air

Even if you live in a major metropolitan region, there are water features available in the form of fountains that serve much the same function as a natural waterfall; water – colder than air temperature – moving the air and cooling it. There may be less natural shade in that environment but it’s a close second. In the event that you live a more suburban life, there is a good chance that a waterfall exists within a drivable distance. A basic Google search for waterfalls near Philadelphia returned an article listing 11 that were an easy drive away. Pack a picnic, put the kids in the car, and escape the heat with a little hike leading up to a cool lunch location.

Liquid Music

The sound of falling water is a known soother. Rain, creeks, and waterfalls are options on a variety of white noise machines advertised to calm our nerves and induce relaxation. It acts as a buffer to city noise or the chatter in our brain. It connects us to nature in the most elementary way.


Eliminating the stress and misery that comes with bracing the summer heat will certainly improve one’s disposition and overall sense of well-being. Getting outdoors and into air that moves – a little at least – compounds the benefit. Adding the element of water is akin to icing the best cake. It improves stress reduction techniques that are proven to increase happiness.

Escape the heat – reduce the stress – and make your way to the nearest location that allows you to…

Sit by a Waterfall

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Sharing a daily life lesson, tip, or hack; the things that make life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


Eat outside

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it is finally beginning to feel like Spring and I am immediately excited for the opportunity to sit on the deck with a cup of morning coffee or fire up the grill and eat dinner outside. It seems that eating outside brings back memories of favorite childhood moments, or at least mimics those ‘feel good’ sensations.

More and more we are seeing restaurants claiming sidewalks, clearing patio space, and adding decks to lure us with the tantalizing option of eating outdoors. The Europeans have been doing this for decades and the trend – for public dining at least – is catching on here in the U.S. Outdoor spaces are offering propane heat, blankets, and in some cases fur coats so that we can embrace fresh air while dining and digesting our meals.

I imagine that we were born with the innate instinct to consume food in the outdoors. From the perspective of time, it’s only been a blip that we’ve taken to dining indoors. And while I don’t know the anthropological origin… I imagine taking our meals inside was a condition of cold weather and comfort more than anything else (rebuttals welcome). So, it’s in our genes to enjoy a meal in fresh air.

It doesn’t matter if it is a picnic in the park, a sandwich on a trail, a restaurant patio, or you own private terrace… dining alfresco is not only in style but perhaps intrinsic to our nature and at the very least… enjoyable. Summer is only budding here on the northern hemisphere so as you consider preparing your primary meal, think about gathering your peeps and taking it ‘on the deck’ to …

Eat outside.

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