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Watch a thunderstorm

Are you one of the people who love to watch thunderstorms? Do you like the sound of thunder and the beauty of lightning? This typically warm weather phenomena is a nuisance to some and magic to others. They range from quick and basic to drawn out and down right dangerous.

I love the sound of a thunderstorm approaching – the gentle roll of thunder across the horizon, like the purr of a kitten letting you know it will be bigger at some point. I like the potential of seeing a flash of lightning cross the sky like a fracture of ice crystals across my windshield in the cold winter months. A thunderstorm most often announces its presence, giving us time to find a perch.

I am always amazed at how nature is so tuned in to its arrival that the leaves turn upside down and critters scoot for cover far in advance of our human tendency. I was taught to count the seconds between a lightning strike and a thunder clap – indicating the corresponding number of miles the center of the storm was from my location. I laid in wait, anticipating its arrival but only rewarded with the occasional epicenter unleashing its fury overhead.

Those were the moments that a smart person would move away from the open window or head in for the safety of walls and roof… but those were the moments I was most interested to see as the lightning struck close and the thunder simultaneously boomed its announcement of arrival. Sometimes, there would be more than one demonstration of dominance but more often than not the storm would move away as fast as it blew in and I would find myself counting again… the distance it had travelled from me.

For those few moments, my attention was completely focused on Nature and its beauty; its fury. I was more interested in what was happening outside in the world than in my own little dramatic circle. I was taken outside of my narrow view of the world and offered a glimpse of something larger, and more powerful than I could ever hope to be – put in my place by a random but scientifically viable operation of weather. It’s’ another example of how we can easily and without expense, step outside of ourselves and be present. A simple idea really.. just take time to…

Watch a Thunderstorm.

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