#217 Have a Yard Sale

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Have a yard sale

I may be preaching to the choir here as I know yard sales are very popular weekend activities and some people have them annually. I know others who have never had a yard sale as they don’t “have the energy” or want to “take the time” and yet with just a little bit of energy, it can be rewarding on several levels.


Obviously, the first step is to declutter. I keep a box in the bottom of my closet for clothing that needs to be recycled and another in my basement for ‘things’ that I no longer use or need. When I look in a cabinet and realize that it’s been a year or more since I’ve touched something, I pull it out and put it in the box. Sometimes an item ends up there simply because I’m tired of looking at it after a few years.

Set up

I think this is where people get caught up when it comes to having yard sales. Yes… some people lay things out nicely, folded, organized, and individually priced but – it’s not necessary. People will come, and if they are interested in an item, they will ask and/or make you an offer. The only time it’s particularly necessary to price an item is when it is expensive… a collectible, or valuable. Certainly, have an idea of what those items are worth so you won’t be taken advantage of although clearly, people go to yard sales for bargains.

Make money

I’ve decluttered my house with items that are no longer useful or valuable to me and haggling over prices is a risk that the item remains as I am closing shop. My goal is to get rid of it so… go for the money. Try and adopt the attitude that ‘something is better than nothing’. That ‘thing’ wasn’t a dollar in your basement so let it be a dollar in your pocket. Make deals and get rid of it. Toward the end of the time period – sell it in box lots or ‘everything for $1.00’. A friend of mine used to have ‘quarter hour’ – at the end of her yard sales, anything left was $.25… she had people lined up at noon to get bargains.

Don’t let it back in

Vow to take whatever is leftover to Goodwill, Habitat, or another charity. It doesn’t go back in the house. I box up any left over items and put them directly into my car for delivery to the closest donation center. The only exceptions are those valuable items that then get posted on yard sale Facebook sites or apps like Let Go.

Think about what you would spend a few extra bucks on and take a look around. Put a box in the basement and start a collection so that this time next year you can …

Have a Yard Sale.

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Save $5 A Day

Who doesn’t love a sale?? We used to say that you could mark a price UP – add a ‘sale’ sign and my mom wouldn’t even notice. She loved the ‘idea’ of getting a bargain yet often spent money she didn’t have on things she didn’t need just because ‘they were on sale’.  Today…. I am suggesting that you make an effort to save FIVE dollars as you move through the day – spending what you would ordinarily spend. This isn’t a suggestion to buy something you don’t want or need for the mere fact it would save you money ‘in the long run’.

Why $5? It’s a relatively small amount that adds up quickly and over just a little time – it’s big money. In fact, it totals $35 a week and over the course of a year – with consistency – it amounts to $1800 !! What would you do with that much money? A trip to Europe? (I checked this morning and a RT ticket to Barcelona, Spain from Newark, NJ in October is only $396) What about a cruise? Perhaps you’re thinking something more practical… pay off a credit card… buy a new fridge… new carpet perhaps? How about a Christmas fund? Potentially better… how about putting that money in a savings account for emergencies or a longer term savings goal?

Many of us spend five dollars without blinking an eye. We drive through Starbucks and spend more than that on a Venti Latte or at Dunkin Donuts where at least we can get a couple of glazed to go with the coffee. If you are buying lunch every day (instead of grabbing leftovers from your home fridge), you’re spending $7 or more dollars – and perhaps throwing away those dinner remnants. With gas prices at the $3/gal mark, we might be spending five bucks just by driving without considering the most efficient route. Is there a toll road you can bypass? What about using coupons? Extreme savers buy two newspapers to double up on the coupon opportunities but we can print them from our computers too.

If you can’t save $5 – try making it. Use yard sale sites on Facebook or apps like LetGo to sell something that you no longer use. With the snap of a photo, you can transfer ownership of clothes, household goods, tools, etc… very easily. Whether you use this method or focus on saving, you’ll be amazed at how quickly to begin to accumulate funds. Financial security fosters well-being… money in savings reduces anxiety… life satisfaction increases when you stopped to consider how you can …

Save $5 A Day.

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash